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The environment is a topic thrown around a lot these days but most people think of the environment as saving trees and rain forests, some might even think the environment is all about recycling.  Although all of these are not entirely wrong, there is so much more to our environment especially when it comes to conserving it.

We are an environmental movement and although environmental conservation covers many areas our main concentration is on our marine environment.  This does not mean that we disregard other forms of environmental conservation and protection, it simply means we use up more of our resources to protect and conserve our marine environment.

When you mention the sea to people, most people think of summer, fun on the beach, boats and for most of us Scuba Diving.  This is correct but what about what is happening under the water?  We all love visiting the beach either to get some sun or to swim, but what we leave behind is a lot more than our foot prints.  The trash we leave behind is only one of the actors in the destruction of our marine habitats.  A plastic bag left behind could be the cause of a turtle dying, a can of cool drink could result in another marine life death.  Perhaps you might say what can a plastic bag really do?  True, but multiply that by the hundreds of thousands of people who visit the beaches or find some entertainment in the sea and you have a mass of pollution that causes destruction.  This does not only affect the marine life it affects us as well, because what we put in our seas ultimately comes back to us in the form of food.  Imagine if the farm that supplies your local grocer with meat used pollutants to feed the animals, I'm sure this idea repulses everyone, so why do we think that because we cannot see what is happening underwater that it is not happening?

Of course the litter left behind on our beaches is not he only pollution in our seas, but it is a start.

We undertake many projects to help make every difference when it comes to our marine habitat and we encourage people to participate in our efforts.

The main aim of our environmental department is to help protect life.  By protecting our marine ecosystems and habitats we help protect ourselves and ultimately human life.  Be a part of the change that leads to the protection of Life.