DEMOCRACY for the People by the People



Dates: 22/03/2014 - 30/03/2014

Venue: Mazotos, Larnaca, Cyprus

Participating Countries: Spain, Latvia, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Poland

Participants: 10 from each country = 60

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Democracy and especially European Democracy is a term thrown around so often today but how many people really understand the democratic process? In our experience with youth exchanges we see that young people know the term democracy but know very little about what it really means and worse, they understand almost nothing of how it works. The young people who have designed tis project have decided to create a simulation of the democratic system to demonstrate exactly how a democratic Europe works. We will look at European citizenship what it means to be a European citizen. We will look at how each individual plays a vital role in the democratic system of each country and also how they can make a difference in a democratic Europe. The young people participating in this project will act as the citizens who elect the candidates that represent them locally, nationally and on a European level. The citizens of the project will present issues to their elected policy makers who will bring these issues to our European Parliament who are elected by our participants and ultimately the outcomes of our project will be delivered to real policy makers. The main themes of the project will be youth unemployment and EU Democracy. This project will have 12 partners from six different EU countries.