Healthy Lifestyles

In today's busy world it is so easy to make the wrong choices.  Peer pressure has always been a major factor when it comes to choices and society seems to look for the quickest and easiest solutions for everything today; sadly though our lifestyle choices fall under this category too, especially with regard to our health. 
When we look at healthy lifestyle choices we might think that we are talking about diet only but it is so much more.  The amount of exercise we get each day also counts as part of our healthy lifestyle choices, even the amount of sun we get each day.
Our project is designed to look at the everyday lives of young people and see how their lives, their culture and their countries affect the lifestyle choices they make with regard to their health. 
Using interactive games and activities we will learn by exchanging our cultural diversity, exchanging thoughts and ideas about the subject. 
We will compare the differences between the sexes and see how different or similar we are and how each sex should consider lifestyle choices, allowing for equality between sexes by allowing each sex to learn from each other.  Healthier sexual life choices will also be discussed.
We will look at how the stresses of everyday life in young people and the cultural aspect of their lives affect their outlook on life with regard to healthy lifestyle choices.  Once we have seen and understood how all these influences affect our lifestyle choices we will start working on methodologies to change our lifestyle choices to include a healthier diet and more exercise. 
With such a diverse group of young people we will be able to exchange thoughts and ideas from so many different cultures and backgrounds and learn from each other and as an additional result we will combat xenophobia and racism.
Our hope is to change the outlook that young people have on life so that they can make better informed decisions with regard to their lifestyle choices.  To create methods that they can incorporate into their lives to include healthy food and some exercise.  We will also look at factors that cause stressors in our lives that make us make these wrong choices and try to find ways to ease the pressures of life so that we can function with confidence and have a healthier future. 

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